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Save time

Sausage sizzles take up too much time. With Fundraisr earn cash back on things you’re already interested in.

No selling required

Can’t be bothered selling more chocolates or cookies? With Fundraisr say goodbye to the sell.

Free to use

We make money from our advertiser partners, not from you. Keep 100% of what you earn

Find out what Fundraisr is and if you are eligible

Fundraisr is the easiest way for local community groups, sports clubs and schools to earn money to make change for the better. Raise much needed funds, get paid and deliver perks to your local community. The process is transparent so you can check in with your campaign progress and monitor your success

Keep 100% of what you earn. Pay 0% fees. Forever


Keep every single dollar

100% of the amount raised via your web page goes directly to you.

No hidden fees

No set up fees, no platform fees, no exit fees

Fundraising in real-time

You get a unique login to watch your fundraising in real-time via our powerful platform tracker.

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Frequently asked questions
What costs are involved?

Zero. We don’t charge you anything to use our service or for us to build your promotional webpage. Fundraisr is 100% free and always will be. Community groups participating keep 100% of money earnt and there are no set up fees or ongoing admin costs to utilise our unique platform. We also bring all promotional offers to the table, meaning all the leg work is already done.

Who should join Fundraisr?

We want to help any local community group who is looking to raise funds or have tried but found it difficult and time consuming. Local schools, kindergartens and sports clubs are a perfect match for our service. The larger your local community group or club the more earning potential you have!

What do I do once my page is created?

Once we have created your unique webpage and the offers are ready to promote all you have to do is share the page with your local community group. We recommend highlighting it in your weekly e-newsletter (if you have one) and sharing on social media pages such as Facebook and Instagram. How ever you want to promote your webpage with your community is really up to you. The more community members accessing your webpage the better.


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*No set up fees, and you can cancel your program account at any time. Fundraisr is free to use forever and always will be.

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